KLEERTECH BC600.Handheld Lead Retrieval Scanner - FAA 2019



Easily Capture and Qualify Leads with Ease

The BC600 is a compact, portable barcode scanner that simplifies the process of badge scanning for lead retrieval or session tracking. The BC600 is capable of reading multiple 1D & 2D barcode symbologies so it can easily adapt to existing badge creation systems. Each scan is displayed on the graphic LCD screen and stored in memory along with the time, date, and any selected qualifiers.

Custom Qualifiers

The BC600 can be easily pre-programmed with custom qualifiers such as “decision maker” or “will buy in 6 months” to increase the value of the data captured about the customer. After scanning the badge, the exhibitor can quickly and easily select the correct qualifiers by using the thumbwheel.

Add Direct Access Points for a Complete Solution

For a more comprehensive solution, ExpoTools’ Direct Access Points can be used to enable web access and two-way communication with the BC600. Scanned data can be sent directly to the Internet so exhibitors can access their leads in real time and request assistance from the service desk without leaving their booth. In addition, Direct Access Points make it possible for staff to broadcast messages to scanners and proactively monitor scan activity to identify any issues.