KleerLeads Mobile - Single Use - FAA 2020


KLEERLeads Mobile is the newest addition to KLEER Meeting Solution’s dynamic suite of lead retrieval and attendee management tools. This versatile app enables trade show exhibitors to capture, qualify and follow up on leads or surveys directly from their smart phones or tablets, and then securely access this data in real time from any location.

Convenience - Exhibitors can use their own Smartphones or tablets to capture leads instead of renting traditional scanning equipment. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes or the Google Play store at any time and the access code can be purchased for each event as needed.

Detailed Data Capture - With KleerLeads Mobile, it's easy to add custom qualifiers such as “ready to purchase” or “follow up in two months” as well as personalized freeform notes. Exhibitors can even attach a picture of the prospect or their business card or other information to the lead so they can refer to it during follow-up.

Anytime Anywhere -  With KleerLeads, not only can exhibitors capture leads on the trade show floor – they can use their mobile devices to capture leads anywhere they encounter attendees, such as at their hotels, social functions, on shuttle buses, etc.

Easy Data Capture  - Exhibitors can choose the lead retrieval method that works best for them at the time, whether it involves scanning a barcode on an attendee’s badge or simply entering the attendee's ID number during a conversation. Robust Search and Reporting The app's built-in search function makes it easy to locate, view and update specific leads, and its comprehensive web based reporting and data export tools enable users to manage and analyze results right from the event.

Cloud-Based Storage -  All scans are safely stored and backed up on the device and in the cloud and can be accessed via a secure, web-based portal (requires active internet connection or data plan).

Wide Device Compatibility  - KleerLeads Mobile is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.

How It Works -  Simply purchase a license for each device you wish to use at the selected event. An email will be sent to you with an activation code and instructions on where to download our app. Setup any qualifiers you wish by logging in to your customized web portal using the credentials provided in your confirmation email. Install the app on your devices and scan attendee’s badges. After the show review your leads at your convenience using the web portal.